Do you struggle with your purpose beyond your service?

What will your life look like in three years if nothing changes?

Are you happy with your journey but still wanting to elevate your life?

A life of service has unique challenges. We’ve been there

And we’re here for you.

The Impact of VetStarts







VetStarts has helped thousands of service men and women — veterans, police, fire fighters, emergency responders and medical personnel – craft a new vision and purpose for their life. Each one of them had a story as unique as his or her purpose. Let us help YOU find YOURS!

VetStarts CEO

Vince Leone

As an army combat veteran, entrepreneur, husband and father Vince has over 10 years of coaching and training veterans who are seeking a deeper sense of meaning. He knows what it is like to transition with a lingering sense of discontent, loneliness, and lack of purpose. 

Our Programs

Halftime For Veterans

A career transition training and coaching program for Veterans and First Responders. [more]

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Warrior Art

A non-clinical instructional art therapy program combined with the life coaching [more]

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Halftime For Marriages

A safe veteran-friendly environment, with the best tools available to help service related families. [more]

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Warrior Art, Halftime for Frontline Veterans,
and Halftime for Marriages.

Warrior Art is a therapeutic art coaching platform specifically designed  for all frontline veterans and their family members experiencing service or other trauma related symptoms

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VetStarts is the 2020 Arlington, Texas Chamber Non-Profit of the Year