“Helping Veterans Return, Learn and Earn with Continued Significance”

Coming home could be one of the most important, and potentially dangerous battles our veterans face after serving our country in significant military missions around the world. Every day our returning veterans and their families are confronted with the hope-crushing challenges of unemployment, growing financial pressures, delays in receiving needed healthcare, feeling misunderstood, frustrated and alone.

Every day 22 veterans are tragically lost to suicide. Our operating premise is that new careers, education, entrepreneurial opportunities, and supportive communities offer the most effective and sustainable solutions to many of the hope-crushing challenges our veterans are facing.

VetStarts is a veteran-operated, nonprofit direct service provider of vet-to-vet identity coaching and career transition training.  Our creed is “All for One,” and we measure success one veteran, one family, one day at a time.

The Halftime for Veterans program provides the camaraderie, coaching, and training to connect veterans with their identity and purpose outside the military, and equip them to start meaningful new lives, rewarding new careers and new veteran-owned businesses.

The Halftime sports metaphor refers to the first half of your life, including your military experience, and your new second half career. During Halftime you trust the experience of your coach to help you make the necessary adjustments to maximize your talents and opportunities for your second half game plan.

The VetSuccess Communities  program networks, trains, and coaches market place leaders in the business, education, government, and social sectors to develop vet-success ecosystems to attract, retain and develop veteran communities.

We serve veterans that are self-employed, under employed, unemployed, student veterans, homeless veterans, transitioning service members, and their family members, at no cost to the veteran.

Halftime for Veterans

The VetStarts training and coaching platform, “Halftime for Veterans,” helps vets connect with their identity and purpose outside the military, and start meaningful new lives, new careers and new veteran-owned businesses. The Halftime sports metaphor refers to the first half

VetSuccess Communities

Want to show your patriotic support and gratitude for the veterans in your community, but not sure how to get started, or not achieving your desired results?  You’re not alone. According to a recent survey conducted by Syracuse University two


Your are about to make a significant difference in the lives of veterans and their loved ones!  On Giving Tuesday we are kicking off our goal to raise $100,000 to provide career transition training and coaching scholarships to help 100 veterans start

What Vets are saying about VetStarts

"VetStarts is that missing link for confused veterans trying to become motivated world changers. I would want all of my brothers and sisters to attend VetStarts."

"Suicide was once an option now it is my duty to live. VetStarts allows me to gain clarity of my potential future by getting down to the root of “who I am.” Mr. Leone has helped me find my purpose in life."

"Mr. Leone is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Vince’s ability to keep me grounded and help “myoscope” my future has allowed me to be the best person I can be."

"I know I can trust Mr. Leone with all my secrets and problems. But most importantly, I have gained a strong connection with someone who has been through similar battles and that is the quintessential trust foundation."

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