“Helping Veterans Return, Learn and Earn with Continued Significance”

The VetStarts vision is for all returning veterans, and their loved ones, to have “Hope for Today, and a Plan for Tomorrow.” We are a veteran-operated 501(c)3 nonprofit training and coaching organization committed to make a significant and sustainable difference in the lives of our clients. We measure success one veteran, one family, one day at a time. Our mission is To Create Community Movements for Helping Veterans Return, Learn, and Earnwith Continued Significance.”

VetStarts equips our clients to:

  • Understand their identity and purpose outside the military, create a second-half game plan, and develop camaraderie with like-minded veterans starting meaningful new lives and rewarding new careers.
  • Identify their unique personal strengths, gifts, passions, values and beliefs. Enhance their communication and relationships development skills.
  • Start new careers, start or jumpstart veteran-owned businesses with the encouragementsupport, and resources of veteran-friendly communities and business ecosystems.


Veteran Business Alliance

In addition to providing services to individual veterans, VetStarts also Rallies, Promotes, and Supports veterans in business. Our goal is to build an economic engine for community impact through Veteran-Owned Businesses.

The Veteran Business Alliance helps build camaraderie in the veteran business community, promotes local veteran owned businesses, and support their businesses by connecting with resources and local business opportunities. VetStarts provides  training and coaching to business, education, government, and social sectors leaders attract, develop, and retain a veteran population.

VetStarts, A Redemption Story

What Vets are saying about VetStarts

“VetStarts is that missing link for confused veterans trying to become motivated world changers. I would want all of my brothers and sisters to attend VetStarts.”

“Suicide was once an option now it is my duty to live. VetStarts allows me to gain clarity of my potential future by getting down to the root of “who I am.” Mr. Leone has helped me find my purpose in life.”

“Mr. Leone is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Vince’s ability to keep me grounded and help “myoscope” my future has allowed me to be the best person I can be.”

“I know I can trust Mr. Leone with all my secrets and problems. But most importantly, I have gained a strong connection with someone who has been through similar battles and that is the quintessential trust foundation.”