WarriorArt is a therapeutic art coaching platform for veterans, and military family members struggling with PTSD, or other military trauma. The program offers basic through advanced art instruction combined with our Halftime for Veterans identity and purpose coaching. Participants discover, explore, and develop their creative abilities for relaxing, expressing, and communicating through a variety of artistic expressions.


VetKids Art Club© is an expressive art program for the children of veterans and service members who were, currently deployed, or serving. VetKids learn to express and begin to process the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues associated with military service.

VetStarts is committed to art as a vehicle to help veterans, spouses and their children explore and express their feeling, and move toward healthy identities, and relationships. There are no fees charged for the Warrior Art or VetKids Art Club programs. Please click on the Support the Mission button if you or your organization would like to volunteer, sponsor or make a financial contribution to help us offer and expand these important programs.

WarriorArt Gallery