These brave veterans share their stories about life and how VetStarts was their guide. 

“VetStarts sets the standard for veteran serving organizations; their commitment to our Service Members thriving in life outside the Military is admirable. UTA Military and Veteran Services is proud to call VetStarts a friend and know we can always count on Vince’s team to help our veterans return, learn, and earn.”

JAMES KUMM, Executive Director, Military and Veteran Services, University of Texas at Arlington

“My wife and I both have multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and the emotional toll on our marriage was significant. The VetStarts marriage workshop gave us an understanding of each others’ strengths and personality and we now communicate in more meaningful ways.”

N.S, Army Veteran

“VetStarts has helped me find my core identity, my personal and spiritual strengths and realize that I don’t need to go back to my old behaviors and destructive patterns, drug abuse and thoughts of suicide. Now I’m giving back to help those that have gone through the same.”

K. B., Navy Veteran

“I was ready to kill myself, but as I walked in the kitchen, I saw a VetStarts business card on the table. I still don’t know how it got there, but I knew immediately I was supposed to call them. I’m glad I did!”

Privacy Requested

“This should be mandatory for anyone transitioning out of the military; officer or enlisted. It was a building process, just like boot camp. The process led me to see who I, and what I truly am.”

Chris, U.S. Marine Corps

“My wife and I completed the Halftime for Military Marriages program and the impact was profound. Today we are focused on our new mission and work as a team to build each other up and impact those around us that are also struggling.”

Gerald and Selena, U.S. Army

“VetStarts has helped me cope with post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety. I no longer have to be anxious about where I am headed in life. I know now my current position in life, where I aspire to be and how I will get there.”

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“Halftime for Veterans helped me create a vision for what I want to do. The VetStarts Mission Adventures weekend with other veterans was really healing for me. I’ve truly found my passion again.”

Gerald and Selena, U.S. Army