VetStarts’ career and culture transition program “Halftime for Veterans” is a military tailored version of the concepts defined in Bob Buford’s New York Times best-selling book “Halftime, Moving from Success to Significance.” The sports metaphor, Halftime, refers to the transition period between your military First Half and your civilian Second Half career.

Our primary operating principle is that every person is uniquely created with natural strengths and a core life purpose. Our process is to Connect, Train, Deploy, Coach, and Network our veteran clients and their connected family members. VetStarts applies these principles and processes in our programs; Halftime for Military Marriages, Warrior Art and VetStarts Missions.

VetStarts Clients:

  • Identify their individual personal strengths, passions and better understand their life purpose
  • Recognize they are unique; their challenges are not, and they are not alone in their journey
  • Create a 12-month Game Plan to start a second half of success with continued significance
  • Receive one year of monthly individual, family or group coaching sessions conducted in person, over the phone, or video conferencing
  • Pursue new mission driven lives, careers, and business opportunities with like-minded veterans
  • Build camaraderie and serve with significance on family friendly retreats, community service projects and veteran-led weekend mission trips

VetStarts Certified Coaches:

VetStarts Certified Coaches provide the camaraderie, experience and processes to empower our clients to maximize their talents, work through obstacles and pursue Second Half Game Plan opportunities.

Our VetStarts Certified Coach qualifications include:

  • Experienced in military culture
  • Completed Halftime for Veterans program and VetStarts Certified Coach training
  • Validated life missions to positively impact the lives of veterans

You can count on us to be by your side through your Second Half journey.

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