About VetStarts

VetStarts was founded in 2014 by Vince Leone after he came home from Iraq without a mission or purpose. He struggled with himself and alcohol until finding Halftime. After going through Halftime by Bob Buford, he found his purpose and made it his mission to help all veterans through their transition phase from the military; whether it be days, weeks, or years since the veteran has left the military. No one is left behind or forgotten.

Halftime for Veterans is uniquely designed to CONNECT, TRAIN, COACH, and LAUNCH clients who are ready to pursue passion driven lives, new careers and entrepreneurial opportunities. Everyone is on a journey and never at the same place. We are prepared to help you at any level of your journey at any time in your life. Are you ready to take hold of the adventure you were made for?

VetStarts offers serveral different options to receive life changing skills. Veterans that have gone through the VetStarts program have gone on missions out of the country to help build houses for those in need. Learning valuable construction skills and knowing that they changed someones life and gave them a basic necessity that they were unable to achieve on their own. Warrior Art has helped veterans unpack and work through their military careers in a stress free environment. From marriage coaching to our Halftime coaching, there is a place for everyone at any time. Our mission is to equip those who have served to return, earn, and learn with continued significance.

If you are ready to start your journey, join VetStarts and see how to become the best you possible!