Warrior art clean

A creative and therapeutic art platform for veterans, spouses and their children

The Warrior Art program is designed to encourage, support and promote veteran creative art expressions. We help members of the veteran community discover their abilities to create and communicate through artistic expressions. We offer individual and group training, workshops, events, exhibits and will soon launch online galleries to show, promote and offer the art work for sale.

VetKids Art Club© is an expressive art program for the children of veterans and service members who were, or are currently deployed or serving. Our commitment is to provide fun, creative and expressive art workshops, events and exhibits. Our goal is to help VetKids creatively express themselves, socialize with peers that have similar vet family experiences. VetKids learn to express and begin to process the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues associated with military service.

VetStarts is committed to use art as a vehicle to help veterans, spouses and their children explore and express themselves, and move toward healthy identities and relationships. There are no fees charged for the Warrior Art or VetKids Art Club programs. These programs are financially sponsored by VetStarts and through the generous donations of our Patriot Partners.

Please click on the Support the Mission button if you or your organization would like to volunteer, sponsor or make a financial contribution to help us offer and expand these important programs.