Want to show your patriotic support and gratitude for the veterans in your community, but not sure how to get started, or not achieving your desired results?  You’re not alone.

According to a recent survey conducted by Syracuse University two thirds of veterans leave their first post-military job within two years, roughly 44% left their first job within the first year, Veterans report they’re not connected with the job, and 43% said they left for a better job.

VetStarts helps veterans connect with their identity and purpose outside the military and start meaningful new, and long-term careers, and helps equip companies to improve their hiring processes and improve their veteran retention rates.

Our “VetSuccess Communities” program is designed to rally and equip community marketplace leaders to establish vet success ecosystems to attract, develop, and retain veterans. VetStarts networks businesses and faith-based organizations, and offers cost-effective consulting services to:

  • Develop veteran community outreach initiatives
  • Recruit, and vet veteran prospects
  • Provide veteran career and wellness coaching programs

Our nonprofit revenues and corporate sponsorships allow us to continue to provide our “Halftime for Veterans” program at no cost to transitioning veterans and their family members.

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