The VetStarts training and coaching platform, “Halftime for Veterans,” helps vets connect with their identity and purpose outside the military, and start meaningful new lives, new careers and new veteran-owned businesses. The Halftime sports metaphor refers to the first half of your life, including your military experience, and your new second half career.

VetStarts Clients:

  • Identify their unique personal strengths, passions and better understand their life purpose
  • Create a Second-Half Game Plan for their lives and careers
  • Pursue new mission driven lives, careers, and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Build camaraderie with purpose driven veterans and their families
  • Serve on family friendly community service projects and Veteran Mission Trips 
  • Core outcomes: a life dashboard, vision and mission statements and a Second Half Game Plan for starting new lives and new careers

VetStarts Certified Coaches:

Our VetStarts Certified Coaches have military culture experience, have completed their Halftime training, and share our core values and calling to make a positive impact in the lives of veterans. During Halftime you trust the experience of your coach to help you make adjustments to your game plan to maximize your talents and opportunities for the second half. You can count on us to be by your side through your Second Half journey.

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